Mass Spectrometry


MMass (Open Source Mass Spectrometry Tool)  v.5.2.0

mMass (Open Source Mass Spectrometry Tool) presents open source multi-platform package of tools for precise mass spectrometric data analysis and interpretation. It is written in Python language and released under GNU General Public License,

Mass spectrometry - DTA SuperCharge  v.1 37

Mass spectrometry - DTA SuperCharge is an application for converting one or more Finnigan .RAW files to Mascot search input files in a format suitable for use with MSQuant.


MZmine  v.2.10

MZmine 2 is an open-source project delivering a software for mass-spectrometry data processing, with the main focus on LC-MS data.

PEAKS Studio 6.0 Build  v.20120

PEAKS is proteomic mass spectrometry software, designed for the researcher interested in highly confident results.

Classifion  v.

What... Classifion is chemometrics software for classification of substances using their mass-spectra. The used discriminant analysis is based on Principal Component Analysis with Mahalanobis Distance (PCA-MD) - part of multivariate analysis.

Wsearch32  v.1. 6. 2005

Wsearch32 is a Windows program that should run under Win2000 and WinXP and is a mass spectrometry program that can read over 20 different Mass spectral file formats.

Insilicos Viewer  v.1. 5. 2004

Insilicos Viewer is a free viewer for mass spectrometry proteomics data, such as from MudPIT-type experiments. A new and easy to use software that you can get it for free on your computers.

MSight  v.3.0.1

MSight is a new vision in Mass Spectrometry Imaging. MSight, created by the Proteome Informatics Group, was specifically developed for the representation of mass spectra along with data from the separation step.

ChromA (Chromatogram Alignment)  v.0.9

Chromatogram Alignment for Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry is a web based tool for the alignment and visualization of data from Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.Consider the case of a Metabolomics experiment,

PeptideART  v.2.1

Peptide fragmentation prediction made easy. PeptideART is a project to predict peptide fragmentation of mass spectrometry.Requirements: *

MassWiz  v.

MassWiz is a mass spectrometry search algorithm to help you with your work. Open Source Tandem Mass Spectrometry algorithm integrated with target-decoy based FDR analysis facility. Simple and Easy to use.

SyncPro  v.1.04

Process mass spectrometry data with this tool. SyncPro is a visualization package targeting on processed mass spectrometry data. It uses synchronization and layering techiques in graphics to simultaneously visualize groups of MS datasets.For Windows:

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